Q. What is ANTWORKS P2P?

A. ANTWORKS P2P is an online marketplace for peer-to-peer financing. The platform enables investors to provide personal loans to creditworthy borrowers/ businesses without the use of a conventional intermediary such as a bank.

Q. How can I register as an investor on ANTWORKS P2P?

A. The registration process is simple and completely free. Just click on the “sign up” option showing on our website. Next, fill in the required information and hit the submit button. Once the registration is verified and approved, your account with Antwork Money will be activated.

Q. What criteria must be met to join ANTWORKS P2P as an investor?

A. The minumum basic criteria one should match to be an investor Antworks P2P Platform are as below:

  • Minimum age of 18 Years
  • Indian Nationality
  • Should have a valid bank account/ PAN card
  • Record of investing via trading or DEMAT account

Q. Do you share my personal information with other parties?

A. We abide by the best security practices and your privacy is fully protected. Personal information or contact details are obtained to evaluate your credit-worthiness and for the registration purpose. No details are disclosed to any third parties. Only the necessary info is shared between the borrowers and lenders on the portal to help in making an informed decision.

Q. Where does ANTWORKS P2P operate from?

A. ANTWORKS P2P was established in 2016. Though headquartered in Faridabad, India it but boasts a presence in some of the top cities in the nation. You can lend money from anywhere in India.

Q. For what period can I invest?

A. Given that borrowers are registered for a period ranging from less than a year to over 36 months for loan procurement, you can choose the loan period that best fits your plans.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Everything at ANTWORKS P2P is upfront and transparent. Please refer to fees and charges

Q. How safe is my money?

A. ANTWORKS P2P follows a strict process to verify the credentials of the borrowers listed on our online marketplace. It must be noted that this is unsecured lending hence there is always a remote possibility of defaults. Our platform adopts all measures to ensure the safety of your funds but does not guarantee any repayments. Please read the ‘Terms and Condition’ carefully to understand the risk involved before taking the plunge.